Face Lift with Neck Lift Dallas

The most common form of face lift is directed at the lower third of the face, targeting jowls and sagging skin that blur the definition of the jaw line and chin, create the appearance of “multiple chins,” or give the impression of a “turkey neck.” This is sometimes described as a Dallas face lift with neck lift, though it is really what is most commonly meant by the phrase “facelift.”

This page will give you some basic information about a facelift with neck lift, but it cannot let you know whether this is the right procedure for you. To get personalized recommendations about the best facelift procedure for you, please call or email the Cosmetic Surgical Center to schedule your consultation with Dallas Face lift surgeon Dr. Vasdev Rai today.

What a Dallas Face Lift with Neck Lift Will Do

A facelift with neck lift is a very good procedure for correcting sagging tissues. This means a facelift with neck lift can:

  • Get rid of jowls
  • Improve definition of the chin, neck, and jaw line
  • Correct banding of the neck
  • Remove excess skin from the chin and neck
  • Remove excess fat from the chin and neck
  • Tighten slack neck muscles

A face lift with neck lift will not significantly correct wrinkling or facial folds in the mid-face region, which requires a mid-face lift, or hanging brows, which requires a brow lift. To restore volume lost in the face, you should consider a facelift with injectables.

Why choose Dr. Rai for Your Facelift

Dr. Vasdev Rai is one of the most respected plastic surgeons in the Dallas-Fort Worth community. He has been practicing as a board-certified plastic surgeon for 30 years and has performed over 15,000 plastic surgery procedures, including thousands of facelifts. His extensive training, deft hand, and thorough experience have taught him the best techniques for safely giving his patients natural, subtle, long-lasting facelift results. You can see examples of his previous surgical results in our Before and after gallery.

To learn whether a face lift with neck lift is the best surgical procedure for you, please schedule a consultation with Dallas Face Lift surgeon Dr. Vasdev Rai today in Dallas or Fort Worth, Texas.