Facelift Recovery Dallas

If you are considering a face lift, one of the important aspects to understand is the recovery process. A facelift is unmatched in its facial rejuvenating power, but that power does come with a significant balance of postsurgical discomfort, bruising, swelling, and recovery time. This means a facelift is not for everyone, but the vast majority of people who undertake a facelift understanding the facelift recovery necessary say that the results are well worth it.

This page contains background information to help people make a decision about whether a facelift is the right treatment for them. If you would rather talk in person about the facelift recovery process, we invite you to schedule a consultation with face lift surgeon in Dallas, Dr. Vasdev Rai. If you are a current patient of the Cosmetic Surgical Center and have questions about your recovery, please call us at 800-558-7355.

Immediately after Your Surgery

Immediately after your surgery, you will be taken to our recovery area. Dr. Rai performs facelifts under general anesthesia, and it is important that you be monitored after the procedure to ensure you are recovering properly. When we are sure that you are sufficiently recovered to be released, we will give postsurgical instructions to you and the responsible driver who is going to take you home. We give these instructions orally and in writing and make sure you both understand them. You should plan on having your driver or another responsible adult stay with you for the first 24 hours after surgery, just in case.

When you get home, you should focus on rest and recovery. You are encouraged to sleep as much as you want, but remember to sleep with your head and shoulders elevated. You can eat soft foods and are encouraged to drink fluids to remain hydrated.

Recovery to the First Follow-Up

You should count on taking a week off work. During the initial week or so of your recovery, you should continue to focus on rest and recovery. You can return to light, low-impact exercise gradually, but you should avoid anything that will elevate your blood pressure or heart rate, as this can lead to increased bruising or bleeding. Swelling, bruising, and discomfort are all normal during this period, though your discomfort is typically controllable with the prescription pain medication you will be given. You will also be given a list of signs of surgical complications to look out for, and it’s important to pay attention to the progress of your healing and call us if you have any questions or concerns.

At your first follow-up, Dr. Rai will remove some or all of your dressings, depending on the procedure. At this point, he will evaluate the progress of your healing and make recommendations. Most people will be cleared to return to work at this point and will be able to wear concealing make-up for any persistent bruising. Swelling should be minor by this point, but may persist.

Full Recovery

Once you return to work, you are encouraged to gradually return to most of your normal activities. You should still avoid strenuous work or exercise as the healing progresses, and avoid immersing your incisions until they are fully closed. Most people are able to return to all activities by six weeks after surgery, though your results may still be improving for up to three months after surgery.

To learn more about face lift recovery, or Dr. Vasdev Rai, please call or email the Cosmetic Surgical Center today to schedule a consultation in Dallas or Fort Worth, Texas.