Neck Lift Dallas

A Dallas neck lift is a limited form of a facelift. It is designed to target only aging symptoms in the neck, such as hanging skin, banding, and slack muscles. However, many of the symptoms that contribute to an aged appearance in the neck region are actually due to tissues of the face, and as a result most people won’t get good results from a neck lift alone. In most cases, people will get the best results from a facelift combined with a Dallas neck lift.

This page gives basic information about the neck lift procedure. If you are concerned about the impact age has had on your neck and want to learn whether you are a good candidate for the procedure, we recommend that you call or email the Cosmetic Surgical Center today to schedule a consultation with Dallas Facelift surgeon Dr. Vasdev Rai. He will evaluate your aging symptoms and make recommendations for the best procedure for you.

What a Dallas Neck Lift Can Accomplish

A neck lift is designed to specifically address the effects of age, genetics, and weight gain and loss on your neck. It can address:

  • Loose, hanging skin in the neck
  • Excess fat in the neck
  • Slack neck muscles
  • Neck banding

However, a neck lift will not address the jowling or many other factors that can affect the appearance of your jaw line. To correct these aspects of your appearance, we generally recommend a facelift with neck lift. Sometimes the lack of definition may be due to poorly defined bone structure in this region, which can be improved using facial implants.

If the problem is only excess fat in the neck region, you may be able to get good results with neck liposuction alone, but for most people, the presence of fat will encourage slack skin and muscle in the neck region.

Don’t Be Fooled by Nonsurgical Treatments

The neck is an area where many nonsurgical treatments target their marketing efforts. Nonsurgical treatments that claim to tighten the skin in the neck will tell you they can give you the same results as a Dallas neck lift, but the truth is that they cannot. Some nonsurgical treatments can use controlled trauma to stimulate a healing response in your skin. This will lead to some skin tightening, but it will not tighten the neck muscles, so its results will always be limited in scope and duration. For very short-term results, these might be a good option, but rarely do the results justify the expense.

Why Choose Dr. Rai for Your Dallas Neck Lift

One of the most important aspects of your surgeon must be that you can trust him to recommend and perform only treatments that will actually give you satisfactory results. Facelift surgeon in Dallas, Dr. Vasdev Rai has been serving the Dallas-Fort Worth community for 30 years. He will not sacrifice his reputation by recommending any procedure that he does not personally believe will give you the results you desire.

To learn Dr. Rai’s recommendations to combat your personal aging symptoms, please call or email the Cosmetic Surgical Center today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Rai.